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Ontario’s Premier Spas is committed to creating a superior standard of spa service in Ontario through member accreditation, professional development, industry advocacy, and public education. Each of our member spas strives to enhance the wellbeing of its clients by delivering only the highest quality treatments and professional service in a setting of world-class comfort and safety.

Becoming a Member

Our members include some of the finest urban and country destinations across the province. As a member of Ontario’s Premier Spas, you’ll join an elite group of spas respected for their world-class amenities, quality, treatments, and service. All Ontario’s Premier Spas members must meet stringent standards of health, wellness and spa experiences, abide by our code of conduct and operating ethics, and satisfy rigorous inspection criteria. In return, members enjoy the following benefits:

Extensive promotion via our website, free member directory, newsletter, value-added marketing campaigns, gift certificate sales, media releases, announcements, and group visit specialists;
Additional promotion through partner programs;
Negotiated rates with suppliers and service providers;
Professional development;
Advocacy on issues that impact the spa industry;
Employment applicant referrals;
Timely information on the many aspects of spa operation.

In addition to working on behalf of our members, Ontario’s Premier Spas also focuses on:

Enhancing the reputation and validity of the spa and preventative medicine industries;
Developing recognized standards of education,
Educating the public on the health and wellness benefits of spa experiences
Conducting industry research
Identifying emerging issues for action;
Fostering partnerships with appropriate government agencies.

For more information on becoming a member of Ontario’s Premier Spas, please contact us today.

Quality Criteria

We believe spa guests deserve the highest quality treatments, products and services with every visit.

Each spa bearing the Ontario’s Premier Spa accreditation has been stringently screened by Spas Ontario Inc., passing through a comprehensive process of application, inspection, reporting, and acceptance by the Board of Directors.

Members must demonstrate a major commitment to treatment and service excellence and pass the 200+ item inspection of facilities, treatments and personnel certification. Each spa must provide a serene setting with tasteful decor, private treatment rooms, flawless sanitation, and superior comforts and amenities.

In addition, each Ontario’s Premier Spa is required to deliver a full complement of health and wellness/spa experiences, including a minimum of three massage treatments, two alternative massage treatments, three body treatments, and four skin care services. Each treatment is provided by registered or certified personnel whose qualifications meet Provincial regulations. For maximum protection, clients are required to complete and discuss a health assessment form with the service provider prior to beginning treatment.

Code of Ethics

The following is an excerpt of the by-laws which govern all Ontario’s Premier Spas members:

Ensure that all personnel are aware of their obligation to ask each client if they have any known allergies or sensitivities prior to the commencement of any treatment or service.
Agree not to provide any spa treatment or service that would potentially risk or harm a client due to a client’s state of health.
Agree to protect each client’s right to privacy and confidentiality with regard to any records that a Member keeps on the client’s behalf.
Clearly define and explain all payment policies, costs and/or fee schedules in advance of any services rendered.
Have a written Code of Conduct for all spa personnel and employees.
Agree to abide by the professionally accepted sanitary standards established by Ontario’s Premier Spas, and all other related legislation as regulated by the Ontario Ministry of Health.

Board of Directors

President & Treasurer Gary Campbell gary@magnoliahousespa.com
Vice President Marie Picton mpicton@elmwoodspa.com
Secretary Liz Belford liz@rosewaterspa.com
Director Kailee Kline kailee@healthwindsspas.com
Director Allan Skok askok@sanctuarydayspas.com
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